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  • The Best Places to Go in Thailand

    The Best Places to Go in Thailand

    Posted on: 23rd June 2022

    Thailand is a beautiful country full of rich history, stunning buildings both old and new as well as bustling cities and lush forests. The news that the country was scrapping its Thailand Pass, which required travellers to apply to register for...

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  • Qatar - Small Country, Big Adventure

    Qatar - Small Country, Big Adventure

    Posted on: 8th June 2022

    Qatar, a small country on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf, is quickly becoming one of the Middle East’s fastest-growing tourist destinations. It has had an injection of funding into its tourism industry for both tourists and businesses due...

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  • The State of the Gap Year in 2021

    The State of the Gap Year in 2021

    Posted on: 20th August 2021

    With University and more recently A level results being out many people would often be looking at taking a gap year, but with the unprecedented last 18 months what does the state of the gap year look like in 2021? Whilst the world returns slowly...

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  • Why The Datai is so special and holds a place in my heart

    Posted on: 9th December 2019

    Chris tells you about a hotel that he holds very close to his heart and what makes that hotel so special.

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  • Generation Z Travellers

    Posted on: 9th September 2019

    Fresh out of University or decided upon taking a gap year – the Generation Z travellers (18-29 year olds) have a desire to see the world but what is important to them these days and have things changed? The number one destination for many...

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