• Why use a Travel Agent

    Why use a Travel Agent

    Posted on: 21st October 2020

    With everything that has happened in recent months due to the Corona Virus, it seems now more than ever is a perfect time to start using Travel Agents again to take the hassle out of the unpredictable times and the uncertainty surrounding travel....

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  • So which of the 227 inhabited Greek Islands should you choose?

    So which of the 227 inhabited Greek Islands should you choose?

    Posted on: 28th January 2020

    The discussions have taken place around the dinner table. The whole family has agreed - this years summer holiday should be Greece!

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  • Why The Datai is so special and holds a place in my heart

    Posted on: 9th December 2019

    Chris tells you about a hotel that he holds very close to his heart and what makes that hotel so special.

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  • Thomas Cook

    Posted on: 7th October 2019

    Most of the country has now heard about the demise of Thomas Cook, one of the largest and oldest travel companies in the UK. This is the third time this has happened now, following the collapse of XL and Monarch. But where does it leave the...

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  • Generation Z Travellers

    Posted on: 9th September 2019

    Fresh out of University or decided upon taking a gap year – the Generation Z travellers (18-29 year olds) have a desire to see the world but what is important to them these days and have things changed? The number one destination for many...

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