Ljubljana – Europe’s Hidden Gem and why you should visit.

Ljubljana – Europe’s Hidden Gem and why you should visit.

by CT4N Travel

Ljubljana – Europe’s Hidden Gem and why you should visit.


How to get there

You can fly direct to Ljubljana from the UK from London Gatwick, and with a flight time of just under two and a half hours its nice flight time that you will be there with plenty of time for the rest of your day. You can fly from a number of other UK airports however this will require connecting flights. It is also very connected if travelling on train whilst interrailing with trains from Ljubljana to Belgrade, Budapest, Munich, Zagreb, Zurich and Graz.


It has all the culture of a major European city squashed together

Ljubljana has everything you could want to from a major European city with a number of squares, castles, churches and more it’s got something for everyone to understand the culture of this young country, here’s some of our favorites. Prešeren Square is smack bang in the middle of much of the main roads and walkways of Ljubljana and if anything happens in the city, it happens there which means it’s always bustling with lots of buskers and the like. Prešeren Square is also home to the Baroque Church of the Annunciation one of the buildings rebuilt more ornately after the earthquake. As the Ljubljanica snakes and wraps its way around much of the southeast of the centre of the city, Ljubljana is home to many bridges, our personal favourite being the Dragon Bridge, whilst it may not be like the Triple bridge just off Prešeren Square or the Butcher’s Bridge we just love the aesthetic of the Dragons (which is on the city crest) standing imposingly at either end.  Standing proudly over the city is the other half the city’s crest Ljubljana Castle. It can be seen from most places in the city and is over 900 years old, the view from the watchtower is spectacular. There are a number of tours and things to see within and it has something I’m sure very few other castles in the world have a nightclub! Speaking of nightlife a trip to the Metelkova Mesto is a must, a disused army barracks which dates back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire it has become an alternative haven with graffiti and murals lining all the walls. It’s very photogenic and reminds me of the ruin bars of Budapest with its eclectic look and has bars and clubs within.


You can see the whole country from based there

Ljubljana is fairly central within Slovenia and the country itself is fairly small (slightly smaller than Wales) which makes it perfect to see the rest of the country from there. 34 miles north of Ljubljana is Lake Bled, a popular day trip for those visiting Slovenia. Whilst the lake itself is beautiful and has a small island in the centre with a church on it (you can take a boat which takes 15 minutes out to it), there is so much more to do in the area.  You can hike around the lake and up to the Castle which stands looking over the surrounding area. Swimming in the lake is allowed on many of the beaches and there are some stunning waterfalls around as well. Getting there is easy as well can done by car, bus and train all cheaply and in under an hour and a half.

Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave are not something you see every day – an 800 year old castle perched on a cliff built into a cave which has a network of tunnels connecting to it. Now that is something well worth going to see especially when they are only an hour and half from Ljubljana by car and bus. There are a number of different tours you can take around them all and the surrounding park. 

Skofja Loka dates back to the 10th century and the town looks like it has not aged too much since. A small town with picturesque streets to stroll around and a beautiful castle with a museum inside. It’s a very photogenic town both in the day and at night and has the clay tiled roofs which look wonderful. Only 40 mins drive from Ljubljana it can be also be reached by train and bus easily as well.

Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave

Its green and pedestrianized, easy to get around 

After a sharp rise in motorized accidents in 2006/7 Ljubljana decided to pedestrianize parts of the city so that it could also be more accessible for tourists and cyclists alike, this makes it a joy to stroll the streets and means as I mentioned earlier that there are many events happening. Ljubljana also has a large number of parks and green spaces which are great for walking around Tivoli Park is the largest of these and it covers much of the west of Ljubljana. The park houses elegant gardens, nature trails as well as botanical gardens and the Contemporary History Museum. 

Tivoli Park - a waterfall next to some ruins

As you can see Ljubljana has so much to offer in a small space and is one of the best city breaks in Europe. If you want to know more about Ljubljana or another destination don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0115 784 3388 or email enquiries@ct4ntravel.co.uk.