Generation Z Travellers

by Steve Durr

Fresh out of University or decided upon taking a gap year – the Generation Z travellers (18-29 year olds) have a desire to see the world but what is important to them these days and have things changed? The number one destination for many young travellers is still South East Asia, with friendly people, delicious food and is rich in culture and history. However, young people are becoming more adventurous with their choices of destination with new favourites such as the Philippines, Colombia, Kenya and Japan making inroads. This is partly due to these destinations not being easily accessible five years ago on an around the world ticket, but with new routes and new airlines joining alliances these destinations are opening up to people. The activities that young clients partake in during these trips are changing too, anything from playing backgammon with locals in a Greek café to preparing home-cooked meals in Thailand. The change in people’s viewpoints has helped this as more people want to become immersed and learn about the local culture, rather than partying the night away in a club and staggering back to their accommodation. Volunteering trips have also significantly increased in popularity and social media/internet has played a major part in this change of awareness. Most customers now know what seat they want on a plane, what their baggage allowance is and statistics show that this age group value booking with an agent. Although they may want an off the beaten track experience, they still want someone to put it all together for them and offer advice as the days of flying out with just a couple of nights accommodation booked and a bit of local currency is long gone.